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August 8, 2018

Leadership is probably one of the top five topics I have used this slightly important little blog to talk about over the last ten years. I am passionate about it because of how important it is and how desperately I always want to improve. As always, the best leadership reflections start with what Jesus modeled. Jesus showed us that personal influence is more effective than positional authority, although there is a place for both. One of the essential components of personal influence is to demonstrate vision, not just with snappy statements and taglines but with a way of shaping the future. Leaders influence by teaching and showing people how and what to see over the long haul.  That’s what Jesus did. He helped people perceive and interpret the world around them. He then acted on the potential and opportunity.

The Gospels demonstrate Jesus doing this over and over again. He was constantly shaping how people see. We pray that as a church this is what we are doing. God is moving, and we are looking at the position He has placed us in with fresh vision and perspective. Stay tuned as summer wraps up and we head into the fall. The Holy Spirit is really pressing in on us to see how we can meet the needs of our community for His glory. Influence is a powerful privilege that we can use to shape our world and community for the Kingdom of God.


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