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Working and playing well with others.

August 21, 2018

One of the core competencies that God continues to develop within Trinity is that we work well with other churches. We try to focus on working together for Jesus as our common goal. I pray that is always who we are. Sometimes it does not come naturally, and so we have had to be intentional about it. One thing that helps is seeing other churches as partners and not competitors. Being located at The Well has been a big part of helping this unity. Local churches are always welcome to use The Well but there are at least 15 who do so on a regular basis at no charge. We know we are all serving the Body of Christ together. Another way is we share and give away our best ideas and opportunities. If something works, praise God let’s share and learn from each other. We continue to work with several churches that are just starting. Many of the things we have learned can save them precious time and resources. After all, it was not that long ago we were the new kids in town. We also work together on conferences, Bible studies, and special events, especially with our kids. We see this only expanding when we open the Coffee Run campus. Finally, and most importantly we pray for them. There is such power in prayer, and it really encourages them, as well as us. We pray this whole attitude is contagious throughout the church. The work of the Gospel is a mission too critical to try and do on our own.


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