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Praying despite the horror

August 29, 2018

The fallout on the most recent sexual abuse scandal within the Catholic church is nothing less than tragic. More than 300 priests are listed in the Pennsylvania report, and there are over 1000 victims. These are staggering numbers. The Diocese of Pittsburgh alone is now fractured due to the flawed response from a Cardinal in the church who was then a Bishop. The Grand Jury report shows a tragic succession of church leaders covering up and mishandling the reinstatement of abusive priests. No doubt this horror and destruction of lives has got to end.

The “Body of Christ” needs to pray and lift up our brothers and sisters in the Catholic church. Horrors like this have occurred in every denomination, and it’s not a time for judgment and criticism. The victims need our prayers and support. As the leadership within the church finally makes permanent changes to protect and prevent this from occurring again, they too need our support. Most of us have family and loved ones who are Catholic. Many of us are involved in sports, education, and programs within the church. The roots run deep. When we see change not occurring we should speak up. We should also remember our Lord’s teaching on forgiveness, healing, grace, and wisdom. We will need all four to move on from this once and for all.


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