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Where have all the heroes gone?

September 4, 2018

Senator John McCain’s death this past week, due to terminal brain cancer, was not a surprise to most. For a man who had survived such long odds in his life, living months beyond the time given by his physicians didn’t come as a surprise to me either.  There was almost a sense of sadness about his passing that went beyond normal grief. We don’t have many people like him in government anymore. I did not agree with every perspective of his, but he was a hero who loved his country to the end. We should always be careful about labeling anybody a hero, but for Senator McCain, I believe it is a fair title.

We need more people we can look up to and admire in every aspect of life. We see them in sports, education, business, occasionally in the media and entertainment industry, and I pray in ministry.  However, right now there is a real lack of leadership in every side of our government. It’s to a point where it is almost painful to listen to so much of the hatred and ill will in our political system. It is not enough to just be disappointed. We need to pray, care and be involved. As we head into another season of political decisions, let’s not just ask where all the heroes have gone but let’s help develop new ones.


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