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Good news. Bad news.

October 1, 2018

One of the things we say as a church, and for all the right reasons, is that we need to “proclaim the gospel.” That is an admirable mission especially as the “worldview” on so many topics changes. Differing worldviews have always impacted how we communicate God’s Word. Even in the New Testament, this is apparent. In Acts 2, Peter preaches to the Jews, while in Acts 17, Paul preaches to the Greeks. Their approach was different based on the worldview of their audiences. The Jews had a perspective based on God’s Word in the Old Testament. The Greeks had no real understanding of creation, sin or other biblical truths. The point is, we must know and understand God’s Word to proclaim the gospel correctly to people who think differently.

Ask someone what the gospel is and they will often say it’s the “Good News.” This is true. However, it’s only the “Good News” if one has a firm grip on why. It takes an understanding of the “bad news” of Genesis to realize how to communicate what Jesus dying on the cross truly means for us. As a church, we want to build upon foundational knowledge and see it develop. We don’t start building a house with the roof. So, let’s continue to dig deep into God’s Word, lay the right foundation, begin to build, and then see how God uses us.


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