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Final Thoughts

December 18, 2018

I was listening this week to many of the eulogies given for President George Herbert Walker Bush. What a group of powerful testimonies to an incredible life. One of the most moving tributes shared was by presidential biographer Jon Meacham. He shared about the former President’s consistent life of honesty and not blaming others when things went wrong. He called Bush the last President that was also a “statesman” linking his almost 50 years of public service to many incredible accomplishments, from the end of the Cold War to his “Thousand Points of Light” speech. In both, he pointed out how critical it was for us to have hope that can overcome fear. He also said that when it came to tough choices, he would put the good of the country first. Those are great words of counsel for being in ministry. Always put what is best for God’s church first and make sure hope overcomes fear.

During this week of mourning, the most powerful moment for me was when Senator Bob Dole was wheeled before the casket in his wheelchair and with significant help saluted the 41st President of the United States. Such respect between rivals yet friends, comrades yet competitors is also a great lesson for today’s times. Meacham closed his time of sharing by saying the former President led with the heart of a lion who loved us. That’s a description that is tough to beat.


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