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DNA Matters

February 19, 2019

I am fascinated by the DNA searches people can now do to find out the heritage that makes up their family history. I half-joked in a message a few weeks ago, “Let me save you some money with Most of us are either Jew or Gentile.” I really do find it very interesting. I would jump at the chance to get on a TV show like “Finding Your Roots.” I would love to know exactly what the breakdown of my ancestry would be. I know some people are publicly getting themselves into trouble when their DNA does not match their expectations or what they have lived by most of their life. Many years ago, I had an uncle who completed a search on my Dad’s side of our family the old-fashioned way. Honestly, some of the history back in the mid-19th century was not something to be proud of, to say the least. Maybe the best DNA history would be an equal percentage of every available heritage. That way, who could not like you? If my maternal and paternal lines were 10% of every nationality, I could be a part of every heritage. Just call me “Global Steve.”


In all seriousness, I think the most critical DNA or bloodline I can have is through the Blood of Jesus Christ! I praise God that I am a part of His heritage. At the end of the day, nothing else really matters.

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