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Powerful Truth

March 1, 2019

I am sure many of us have read writings from A. W. Tozer at some point in time. He made it his life’s goal to help others know God as Creator and Redeemer. One of His most powerful quotes sums up his heart: “Christ is the Center of all things. He is Creator, Sustainer, and Benefactor, the One who made us for His glory and to receive the bounty of His love.” This is a simple yet powerful description of who Christ is for us and in us. Can I ask you to stop and read this quote a second time and really take a moment to let it sink in? When we grasp the full meaning, it should open up His glory to us in a whole new way.


Tozer would also align this teaching with what separates us from such glory. Sin separates us from such glory. He would say the soul that sins shall die, but the blood of Jesus Christ is of indescribable value to us. Our acts of sin are pardoned because of the shed blood of Jesus Christ. This critical spiritual truth means everything to us, and it is the reason behind everything we do. This assurance is not optional. Please make sure you have it, and if not, we would love to help you understand. Also, this week make it your goal to share this truth with one other person. It will provide an eternal reward!

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