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How God works through tragedy

April 22, 2019

Like many, I watched the fire that raged through the 850-year-old Notre Dame Cathedral last Monday with shock and sadness. When you think of the wars and revolutionary history the cathedral has survived it is sadly ironic that it accidentally caught fire. As I am writing this close to one billion dollars has poured in for the restoration. Among the significant structures lost were the spire, the roof, and the high altar. One thing that struck me, not a coincidence and so God, was the crown of thorns and the cross at the altar were saved. The fact this occurred leading up to Good Friday leaves me thanking the Lord for such an excellent opportunity to remind people of what they both mean. Think of it as two things that cannot be rebuilt and are impossible to replace. Could there be a more poignant representation of salvation? If you get a chance to see the picture of the cross rising above the ashes as we have just remembered Good Friday it is very powerful!     

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